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WEEK 24….The Truth of the Matter
I have just completed my forty eight hour silence and this is my story.  Before I went to the hotel,[...]
WEEK 23….Money Magnetism
Have you ever wondered why "the rich get richer" and the "poor gets more poor"?  Why is there so much[...]
Week 22A When There is Nowhere to Go…
When there is nowhere to  go "look up".  This week I have been relentlessly pounded with negativity. Peeps complaining and[...]
WEEK 22A Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself
It is now the 22nd week of MKMMA and I know that knowledge does not apply itself.   I have[...]
WEEK 21 Old Habits Never Die Unless…
My consciousness rules my world. It is within my power to be what I will to be. The Universal mind[...]
WEEK 20 Breathe Abundance
Can breathing really bring abundance?  Really?  Did the smog of Los Angeles fog my thinking? Has the wrong air has[...]

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Samuel Kawa

Sam worked in the beverage industry for 24 years, then retired. Currently working on Liberty and True health. My family consists of my wife and 2 grown children with 1 grandson. I have 2 cats as pets.

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