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Week 14 Harmony and Me

Has there ever a time when you watched people and wondered what was going on in their mind?  I do, especially when I look at their facial expressions. Some of them look sad. Some of them look so serious. Some of them look so grumpy. And some of them look happy, of course these are […]

WEEK 13 Worms Are For The Birds

I choose not to live as “a worm”.  Haanel 13:20  “The old way of thinking was to be “a worm,” to be satisfied with our portion whatever it is”.  What a rude awakening.  I had been living as a worm unconsciously.  Hannah 13:23 Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no […]

Week 12 Wake Up Call

I must live my life guided by truth and righteousness!  Trying to be fair does not served me.  If I want to be fair, it requires me to rationalize my actions.  What is one’s guiding light of fairness.  Is it fear?  Fear loss of friends?  Fear loss of work? Fear of loss of love? Fear, […]

WEEK 10 Acquiring Abundance

Are you doing the abundance struggle dance?  Well, don’t feel so lonely.  There are millions and millions that are seeking abundance and I was one of them too.  “What you don’t know you don’t know”.  Therefore we try this and that going in circles only to be frustrated with mediocrity.  But fret no more.  There […]

WEEK 9 Find Your Secret Lover

Why is it sometimes we go thru life having trouble finding true love?  This was me some 30 years ago.  I had breakups, separations, and divorce while seeking “the perfect one”. What was the dissatisfaction?  Wrong looks?  Wrong temperament? Wrong this or that?  I was “looking looking for love in all the wrong places”.  The […]