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Week 5 Silence is golden

This week has been difficult.  I am not allowed to give any opinions.  Opinions, I have learned have influenced my mental outlook and contributed in making me the person I am today.  Hence silence is golden.  I hear ho evil, I speak no evil. As I have progressed thru the week, I catch myself in […]

Week 3 Controlling My Reality

As I go thru my day, I encounter people in different walks of life.  It is interesting to notice their their facial expressions and body movements.  Sometimes I feel their inner tension and sometimes I feel their radiance.  The ones that are smiling and happy are usually the ones radiating a pleasantness about them.  They […]

Week 2

The learnings keep coming. “you can lead a human to knowledge but you can’t make him think. What does this mean to you?  How many seminars and self help courses have taken only to find yourself in the same circle.  I am here to tell you “that’s me”.  Luckily I have found the master key […]

Week One The Journey Begins

Today is a new day dawning.  When is NOW the time?  Throughout the ages people have been seeking knowledge to find out their purpose.  If you have spent thousands of dollars seeking, only to come short of the goal, follow this blog. The answer is not at the seminars.   All the answers are available […]