Press Release

As I was visiting M. Kawamura farm in Lihue, I ran into Garden Island reporter, Dennis Fuji. He was writing an article about the farm. When he saw me, he said “hi Sam.” I acknowledge him. “Hey Dennis, what’s new? So we chatted, the locals call it ‘talk story’, awhile. That is when he asked me “what occasion brings you back to Kauai”. I explained my purpose and he was surprised because he always knew me as being a shy, introverted person. But he was moved by what I told him; so he asked me if he could write a press release.

Humbly, I agreed because it was important for the people of Kauai to have better “quality of life and true health.” My feelings for Kauai runs deep. “ You can take the boy out of the Island, but you can’t take the Island out of the boy. Then he begins to do the interview. “Sam will you explain what brings you back to Kauai besides visiting family. Well Dennis, “I always felt if I ever made it, I would give to the Islanders what I felt was lacking when I was growing up. And that something was a chance to have a ‘better quality of life’. As you know Dennis many, many people on the Island work two or three jobs just to make a living. It breaks my heart to see this. Many of them do it and sacrifice everything so that their kids can have a better education and life.” I hold back my tears. Dennis, “ your right Sam it is gut wrenching. “You see Dennis people don’t know what they don’t know. So what can they do? They are doing the best they can with what they know. So now I am able to do something, I ask myself ‘when is now the time?’

Chickens are running around as the interview is going on. Customers are coming and going. The sky is slightly overcast. The air is so clean. My nephew is repairing lawn mowers.

“Going to the mainland has brought me opportunities but never an opportunity like this. I have taken many self-improvement courses in my life but nothing like Master Key Alliance course that the Januzewski offer. They live here in Lawai you know. Some courses give you fish for a day; Thy teach you to have fish for a life time.” Dennis. “And how is that?” “Well they have a ‘pay it forward system and they have a course called MKMMA.

It is a course that teaches you how to find your ‘major purpose in life’. They don’t tell you what it is; you have to do some sole searching to find it. But when you do so the ball game is over. I did it and I was reborn again. So what you see today is a new me, right?” Dennis answers, “right”.

“I am here to open Kauai Liberty Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers 10 annual MKMMA scholarships to individuals who sincerely want to make ‘better quality of life’ a reality. Dennis, “They will learn what I learned. They will learn what they don’t know and that is why they are the way they are. And that was me.” But because of the MKMMA hands on course, we are having this conversation.

I am a new man. I do things each and every day to enrich my life. I read the master key everyday. I recite my definite major purpose 3 times a day. I link thoughts and shapes with colors together. I read my blue print builder out loud daily. I read “The Greatest Salesman in the World” 3 times a day. I read the law of giving out loud, I’m in the flow. And I recite “I can be what I will to be” 20 times a day. And most of all “I always keep my promises”. I create clarity of thought by first controlling my body then my mind. The $10,000 for BYU scholarship fund was made possible because I chose to create the new me that you see. Dennis, “This and more those that receive the scholarships, will learn. But most of all they are able to have ‘quality of life’ and because of what they sacrificed. They will have true health physically, financially, and spiritually. As I now do. And because of it I enjoy joy, happiness, gratitude, and love. Thank you, Dennis This is an exceptional day January 11, 2017