WEEK 17a Permission

Permission is defined in the dictionary as 1. authorization; consent. 2.  The act of permitting. In life we are either giving permission or receiving permission. Regardless whether one is the receiver or giver of permission there is a cause and effect when an act of permission takes place.

Because of MKMMA, I am becoming more aware of the words of what they mean and how the word should be applied by me.  As I reflect on my recent past, when I used the word permission, I used the word loosely.  Not much thought of the word was given.  Let me explain.

If I gave myself permission to do something and that thing was not successful, I used to feel an inferiority complex.  As a result, I used to do the blame game and or beat up on myself.  Was that pitiful or what?  Didn’t I worked under the authority of permission.  Wasn’t I was given the right to endeavor the task freely?  Therefore the result of the task, whether successful or not should not have ruined my day, as long as I did my best.  Right.  And even if I didn’t do my best, why beat up on myself.  What good did it do?  Help me out.  Does beating up on yourself do you any good?

The result was the effect.  Now I know to “hang loose”.  Why should I beat up on myself?  How is it going to help the situation?   Doesn’t the Law of Growth apply here? What I think about grows.  Hence forth I will not beat up on myself but accept the fact that nothing is permanent.  I can work under the authority of permission and therefore I can do the job or choose not to do it. And with your permission, I will not waste my time on beating up on myself any more. Hence forth I will apply the Law of substitution, then laugh at myself and move on.  If I persist I will succeed.  I know that when I will build my castle with little attempts, repeatedly, I can conquer and complete any endeavor.  Peace be my journey.