Week 18 Eliminate Anemic Growth

OMG.  Growth, physical, mental and financial, doesn’t one want it all?  Why is there lack in some while others flourish?  Haanel says “In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth, but as we are at all times a complete entity, this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give; growth therefore is conditioned on reciprocal action, and we find on the mental plane like attracts like, that mental vibrations respond to the extent of their vibratory harmony.”  Huh? Are we not taught that opposites attract?  Aaah, the system has set us up to fail and control the masses.  But we, students of MKMMA have learned how to do and be better!

By applying the law of attraction we can have what ever we want!  To begin we must understand the meaning of “when we give more we receive more”.  Until this week I did not have full comprehension and understanding of it’s meaning! I thought I did, but I was applying it only in terms of service. OMG. It applies to EVERYTHING we do!  And I mean “Everything”. Just give it “all” you got in whatever you doing and receive more. Want more money, give more to your work. Want more love, give more to your relationship.  Want more time, give more quality time to whatever you are doing. Like attracts like.  Therefore be careful of whatever goes thru the mind.  Because Whatever we are think grrroWS.  We must avoid negative thoughts.  And how is this done?  By applying the Law of Substitution.

The next step, I believe, in getting “whatever you want” is to give ATTENTION to what you  Desire!  Why?  Because Attention builds Interest.  And the magnitude of the INTEREST created will be reflect the attention given to the object.  Harness the power of consciousness.  “Give More, Get more.”  Be happy, the Universe will deliver.