WEEK 20 Breathe Abundance

Can breathing really bring abundance?  Really?  Did the smog of Los Angeles fog my thinking? Has the wrong air has brought me to where I am today?  Haanel says “We can live more abundantly every time we breathe, if we consciously breathe with intention.  The IF is very important condition in this case, as the intention governs the attention, and without the attention you can secure only the results which everyone else secures.  That is, a supply equal to the demand.”  OK, I get it.  Thank you MKMMA team  for your superb guidance.  The more I breathe MKMMA with intention, the more attention I give it anchors PPN and DMP!

Walking around in a blur and wishing to have abundance is Idiocy. Hazardous thinking produces superficial conditions.  We have spiritual powers, however unless we recognize the power and use it, we may lose it. If we are oblivious to this power, and generally speaking the masses are, we get mediocrity.  “The secret of power is a perfect understanding of the principals, forces, methods and combinations of Mind, and a perfect understanding of our relationship to the Universal Mind.” Haanel 20:6. Principals never change. When we begin to perceive that the Universal is within us, we will begin to feel the power.  Imagination ignites our inspirational thoughts therby connecting us to the forces of the Universe.  We must sit in silence, visualize and practice this method over and over so that we may have the power on demand to have Inspirations. Inspirations stimulates thoughts. But thought without feelings are cold.  Therefore apply the Law of Dual Thought. If you want more, demand must increase consciously and supply will follow.  A larger supply of life, energy and vitality will be yours. “We are told that “In Him we live and move and have our being,” and we are told that “He is Spirit, and He is love”. Haanel.  Therefore breathe and be filled with love and spirit. Take the “breath of life”; it is a superconscious reality and the essence of the “I am” which empowers us to exercise the power of this creative energy to have abundance.