WEEK 22A Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

It is now the 22nd week of MKMMA and I know that knowledge does not apply itself.   I have been given tools, methods and knowledge to be “the person I intend to be”.  Why then do I wake up some days as if I got up on the wrong side of the bed; Feeling lazy, sluggish and wanting to sleep longer is not the way it ought to be, right?.  Did you ever feel that way too?

Well if you ever did, not to fret.  Let me explain.  It’s the old subby trying to sneak up again.  Just observe the feeling, acknowledge it, and shake it loose.  Sometimes it may take hours or even a few days before the right vibrations kicks in.  Just remember it is just a cycle that will come and go.  What is advantageous at this time is that we “apply knowledge” and “do it now”.  Do not beat up on yourself because of “the Law of Growth.”  Release whatever feeling that caused the dingy feeling by visualizing the true miracle that you are. Understand that twenty two weeks of work will not remove cement that has seasoned for 30, 40, 50, or even 70 years.  But like the Golden Buddha, You and I will shine brighter than GOLD.  Keep the faith!

At this time I would like to applaud all of you because of the vibrations you are creating.  You are taking action by applying knowledge of the Universal Mind, Spirit, and the individual parts that is imperative to the whole. “You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonous and happy.”  Chapter 22 assures us that “we can be whatever we will to be.”  I will see you on the Street called Desire and I will buy the coffee.  Aloha and Rainbows from Kauai!