WEEK 24….The Truth of the Matter

I have just completed my forty eight hour silence and this is my story.  Before I went to the hotel, my mind was mentally set for the experience.  Therefore, I was ready for the encounter.  The room size was approximately 12×18.  There was a microwave and a small refrigerator therefore my meals situation was covered.  A sliding glass door and a small balcony made it possible to appreciate nature.  Otherwise I did not leave the room and the do not disturb sign was respected.

The Big question; What happened or what changed for me?  The largest affect, not effect, on me was Gratitude beyond imagination for the MKMMA organization led by Mark and Davene.  Because of your MKMMA course, my life will be changed FOREVER. I will not have to ask myself any more “why am I here on this planet for”.  Another aah-ha for me was I now know “what I don’t know”  This in itself will save a bundle of dollars from attending rah rah seminars.

I am closing with silence but with PEACE, JOY and HARMONY.  This is a Thanks to YOU and I SALUTE YOU for your gift and everlasting LOVE.  And to  ALL of you on this JOURNEY, Thank you.

ALOHA and MAHALO from an Island Boy who went to the “big city” to find what life is all about; Only to find the answer form people who live on the Island, Kauai.  Happily, I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now in Southern California.